Diool’s Partnership with Cimencam

• December 23RD, 2021 •

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How Diool helped Cameroon’s largest cement company manage their payment infrastructure

Introduction to CIMENCAM and BINASTORE

CIMENCAM is the leading cement producer in Cameroon, a subsidiary of HOLCIM group, with more than 1.7 million tons cement production, 10 brands and 125 million EUROS turnover. Binastore is a Holcim and Cimencam brand specialized in retail, with more than 100 affiliates in Cameroon who sell cement and other construction materials, with a turnover of 25 million EUROS per year. To distribute its products to its customers, Binastore operates a network of resellers.

BINASTORE's objectives and constraints

Binastore is growing fast, and is also developing direct to consumer sales, using its affiliates to deliver the products.

They wanted to accelerate their sales, yet they faced a number of operational constraints, particularly on reconciling and repatriating payments within their distribution network and to their banks.

In particularly, they needed to:

1. Easily collect payments from end-customers or affiliates ordering at the store, online or by phone.

Customers or affiliates often use mobile money to pay for their orders.

There are many mobile money providers and Binastore/Cimencam wants to use only one provider to accept all other payment methods, thus simplifying operations while offering customers the possibility to choose their payment method.

In case of large payments, particularly from an affiliate ordering a large inventory refill, cash is often the default choice, requiring a stop at the bank to make a deposit, a subsequent credit verification, and this further delays the delivery and slows sales cycles.

2. Provide Binastore and affiliates with a simple tool to perform their end of day cash collection reports and dashboards of their sales.

Reports sent by mobile money providers, available a day after the transaction, are neither clear nor user-friendly, as well as requiring additional consolidation since there are many of them.

Efficient reporting also helps Binastire review affiliates orders and sales cycles, to give out commissions on targets achieved.

3. Ensure that payments collected are repatriated quickly to their bank.

Because they use different service providers and processes are manual with the providers involved, funds repatriation takes more time, like 10 to 15 days, increasing working capital requirements which translates into larger inventories, or bigger financing needs.

What Diool is offering to BINASTORE and CIMENCAM

1. Simpler transaction processing and funds consolidation

Binastore uses Diool to collect payments from end-customers and affiliates, online, at the store level or in cash at a Diool agent. Affiliates are also strongly encouraged to use Diool to accept payments from end-customers in their stores.

Diool accepts all mobile money payments available in Cameroon on its platform, crediting the user with the funds instantly and thus simplifying the reporting process.

Because transactions are processed electronically and consolidated in one account, it’s become easy to record the payment as settled in their system, deliver products, and increase their sales cycle.

Sales dashboards and real time transaction history, help perform end of day or other periodical reporting quicker, saving a lot of time for affiliates and operational teams.

2. Instant transfers between affiliates and distributor

Affiliates using Diool can pay for their inventory faster, with funds they collected from their customers on the platform, which is particularly useful when they need to pay for large orders, because payment is instant and not subject to retail users limitations, when proper compliance verification is done.
Binastore is credited instantly and releases product from their warehouses faster, which in turns increases the affiliate’s liquidity, helping them:
  • increase their sales average orders as well as cycle,
  • reduce inventories and working capital
  • requirements meet sales objectives and earn potential commissions.

3. Funds repatriation to bank in less than 2 days

Binastore can order their funds repatriated to their bank, directly from the platform, as many times as they want per day.
Transfer orders are executed automatically by the system, and the settlement takes place less than 2 days after execution.
Because transactions are consolidated in one account, it’s also very easy to verify account balances as well as individual transactions.

Guy-Landry NJIKAM
Binastore Director - Cimencam - LafargeHolcim Cameroun

“We've rolled out Diool's payment platform in the Binastore retailer network in Cameroon: In 2 months, we are observing real improvements in how we manage payments from affiliates and customers, across all the retail chain.

Thanks to the platform, our affiliates can collect any payment methods, particularly Orange Money, MTN MoMo, YUP, EUMM, at the store level, send uncapped instant payments to our credit department, which they could not do easily before.

Lastly, we are completely autonomous when it comes to bank repatriation, which takes less than 2 days.“

How is Diool rolled out within Cimencam’s network?

As a part of the deal with Cimencam, Diool’s team provides a quick training to the reseller on how the payment system works, how to verify their transaction history reports, and more importantly, how to pay the distributor when in need for more inventory.

The platform comes with a live support chatbox, allowing the user to request diool customer service’s help whenever they have an issue.

Diool is currently rolling out the platform in the reseller network and will finalize by early 2022.

A few words about Diool ?

Diool is an innovative fintech company, focusing on payments for retailer networks in Cameroon and francophone African countries, built by bankers and tech engineers, leveraging e-money infrastructure through a partnership with Societe Generale Group.

We are addressing the daily challenges that merchant networks in Africa face in their supply chain when dealing with payments, by simplifying their workflow and user experience.

We are backed by executives from banks, financial companies and were seeded by the Lundin Family.

If you’re operating a retail network, and would to solve your issues on payments, just reach out and we’ll be happy to talk