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Bring greater efficiency to your business operations

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Get paid easily

Cash Deposits

Instantly deposit your revenues anywhere in Cameroon
  • Collect cash payments in-store
  • Deposit the collected cash into your Diool account via an agent nearby
  • Your account is instantly credited
  • Repatriate your funds to your bank or pay your suppliers directly from your Diool account
New Feature

Send multiple payments simultaneously

In a single operation, you can now pay more than 500 recipients simultaneously via Orange Money, MTN MoMo and Express Union Mobile. Click here to learn more
Get paid easily
Get paid easily

Get paid easily

Our Collect Payment and Request Payment features allow you to accept all mobile money payments or even cash payments in a fast and secure way either on the point of sale or by settling requests for payments

Keep track of your business activity

Check how your business is performing in a glance by viewing the transactions history
  • Monitor your transaction activity as well as your account balances across your entire organisation
  • Export this data in both PDF and CSV/Excel for further analysis
Keep track of your business activity
Send money in one-click

Send money in one-click

Transfer funds seamlessly from your Diool account to your bank or to your suppliers in a simple, safe and convenient way
  • It’s instantaneous
  • It’s safe
  • It’s transparent

Simplify the way you pay

Send money or requests for payment in just a few steps, by saving your favorite recipients into your diool contacts list
By having immediate access to your favorite contacts , you save time and can easily identify them when making transfers
Simplify the way you pay
Manage your team, your contacts, your shops

Manage your team, your contacts, your shops

Diool Version 4.0 allows total control of your team or personnel, their access and privileges. This provides a secure, transparent, and flexible approach to access management, less prone to error

Your business is one click away from making effortless payments


Online signup and video tutorials to help you through the subscription phase


Excellent sales managers dedicated to your business growth and success


7/7 customer support to help you for your daily needs and answer your questions


Helpdesk with hundreds of articles, to address all your concerns

Diool is fast, reliable and 100% secure

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